Visual Report: Installation of 33 Signs Along The Interpretive Trail

Recently, this summer the Umm el-Jimal Archaeological Project team, using funding from USAID-ACOR-SCHEP, created and installed 33 bilingual signs, in English and Arabic, along the interpretive trail at Umm el-Jimal. These signs enable visitors to better understand the archaeological remains at the site.

The signs were installed on the site both to guide visitors on their tour of the site, and also to provide comprehensive details about the structures and artifacts that are visible proximate to each sign.

The signs were entirely locally produced and installed in a manner that allows for maintenance and updating over time. They are a very good example of a cost-effective, sustainable exterior signage application for sites like Umm el-Jimal.

The archaeologists and architects from the Umm el Jimal Project and the Open Hands Studios team worked together on this important effort to make the site more accessible for tourists to the archaeological site. The overall goal for the signage is to inform visitors in a manner that is attractive as well as sustainable. 


  1. Writing you from within the classroom of Ahmaf Al Jallad whose spring course at Ohio State on the history if the Arabic language this writer is taking, and pictures from your website were past if a recent lecture if his…impressive archeology and epigraphy and yes site development for everyone !!

    Thank you fir such creative scholarship. .!!


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