Conference: ICHAJ 2016

Members of the Umm el-Jimal Project joined archaeologists, practitioners, and scholars from around the world for the 13th International Conference on the History and Archaeology of Jordan. Sponsored by the Department of Antiquities of Jordan, the triennial conference took place from May 21-26, 2016 in Amman, Jordan. This year’s theme, “Ethics in Archaeology,” is a critical one for scholars to consider as research practices and community engagement continue to evolve in countries like Jordan and the USA.

During the conference, Umm el-Jimal Project staff gave several papers, including:

  • Bert de Vries and Muaffaq Hazza: “Towards a Conservation and Site Management Strategy at Umm el-Jimal.”
  • Elizabeth Osinga: “The Umm el-Jimal Project: Stratigraphy and Ceramics from the House XVII-XVIII Complex.”
  • Paul Christians: “Integrating Community, Archaeology, and Eduation at Umm el-Jimal’s Site Museum: An Ethical Foundation for an Ancient Stone Superstructure.”

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