Bert de Vries

Bert de Vries is director of the Umm el-Jimal Project, as well as the Archaeology Program Director and Professor Emeritus of History at Calvin College in cloudy Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Dr. de Vries’ current research interests include society and religion at Umm el-Jimal in the transitions from paganism to Christianity and Islam; the archaeology and history of Arab settlement in South Syria in the centuries before Islam; and archaeological heritage and modern communities at Umm el-Jimal and other sites in the southern Levant.

Inside the 'Nabataean' Temple

Phase II of the Umm el-Jimal Project’s 2014 AFCP preservation field work capitalized on the Phase I clearing of the House XVII-XVIII Complex courtyards, with excavation ten small trenches to […]

Teamwork in the House XVIII Courtyard

Having received a renewal grant for 2014 from the U.S. State Department’s Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation, Phase I work this spring has focused on further conservation and presentation of […]

Shoring Up

Several rooms in the House XVII were restored and reused by the Druze and Masa’eid Arabs early in the 20th century. A central goal of AFCP Preservation and Presentation Project […]

Conservation Staff

On Thursday morning, April 19, US Ambassador Stuart Jones and his entourage visited Umm el-Jimal to celebrate the official opening of the House XVII-XVIII Preservation Project, for which the main […]