Conference: ASOR 2015

Umm el-Jimal Project staff attended the 2015 American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, from November 18-22, 2015. ASOR, a scholarly association with over 90 affiliated institutions, is focused on the history and cultures of the Near East, and includes archaeologists, historians, and many others.

Conference sessions by Umm el-Jimal staff members included Bert de Vries and Muaffaq Hazza’s “Reopening an Ancient Entrance for the Modern Community: Preservation and Rehabilitation of the Commodus Gate at Umm el-Jimal,” which reported on the project’s 2015 work to conserve the Commodus Gate and West Entry Area of the site, and Paul Christians’ “Developing a Community-Based, Open-Source, Online Project GIS at Umm el-Jimal: Challenges, Principles, Planning, and Concept.”

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